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  Pay per click online Jobs. 

  • PPC popularly known as pay-per-clicks, paid-to-click, paid--per-clicks. The most common Online jobs spread all over the world.
  • These jobs are based on clicks made by the user in a form of-ad watching, banner clicking,e-mail reading and advertisers also have users to registering or subscribing to any newsletters or online forums.
  • Through this online job free users generally get $0.01-%0.02 per click made.Though a paid user gets $0.1-$0.2 for the same click made.
  • Almost all Pay-per-click sites offer affiliate marketing option in which users also earn by referring other users to the same site under their affiliate link.
  • Popular sites in pay-per-clicks category- Clixsense, Neobux, Clixzing,Teabux etc…!  .        


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Online uploading or file sharing online jobs.

     Users get paid through uploading video,clips or many any other type files such as-music, movies, songs, clips, photos or many other interesting online resources.

   Simply an uploader gets paid when someone other downloads.his file. For this an uploader tries to popularize his links so that others can easily reach to his specific link.

   Generally any uploader can be paid anywhere between $0.2- $6 for a single downloaded file.

  Minimum pay-out for an uploader is around $10- $15 through PayPal, Check, Wire transfer.  

Popular sites in this category:

Hot File, Share Cash & Duck Load.


Copy paste, data-entry & form filling online jobs.

  • If Data-entry companies tell you to pay for a membership fee or training material fee or whatsoever, Its a Wake-up call as it would probably be a scam.
  • The bitter truth about data-entry,form-filling or copy-paste online jobs is that Most of these companies are real scams, they themselves are earning from you by money taken in the form of registration or membership charge.They, in reality are earning from you & not vice-versa.
  • A real genuine and legitimate company would never charge any fees from you, instead they would be paying you for the work done and they earn through commission of your work submitted to the original or parent company.
  • This is completely true that there is entirely a true demand in market for Data-entry, form-filling or copy-paste jobs-there are companies out there that need to finish their this secondary work. Some companies do it by their own company and some outsource this work to others!
  • The real fact and possible reasons for these scams are: Demand is lets say 10 units and supply is 1000 units. This sticky situation creates the whole scenario for probable scams in online data-entry, form-filling and copy-paste jobs!
  • Do You really want to get the Real and Legitimate online work? Try these Real Legitimate Companies in this category, no fees, no charges!! :  These wont charge you a single penny and have real requirements for data-entry work, but yes it could take some time while registering with them.Try for transcription jobs, few companies hire you even if you do not have the relevant work experience:   
  1. http://www.diondatasolutions.net/
  2. http://www.workingsolutions.com/
  3. http://jobs.homeworkers.org/
  4. http://www.keyforcash.com/
  5. http://www.axiondata.com


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